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Fueling the Southeast

Since 1921 Colonial has been transporting fuel throughout the Southeast. Our “Soaring Eagle” growing team of drivers are professionals who are both state and federally licensed, as well as highly-trained in the latest transportation, safety and hazmat procedures.

Fueling Your Business

Colonial Transport owns and operates a delivery fleet that provides safe, on-time bulk fuel delivery to your location. Our experience, expertise, and resources ensure we can meet the bulk fueling needs of your business.

Fuel transport is critical to keeping your business going. Our fleet of transports are equipped with the latest technology ensuring on-time and accurate customer delivery. We deliver your fuel on time and within your budget!

We provide daily bulk fuel deliveries and related services for all the fuels we offer including:

Gasoline Ethanol Kerosene DEF Lubricants HSFO MGO ULSD

What fuels us is simple: Our commitment to providing excellent service every single day!

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CFLS Advantage

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Professional Drivers Who Are "Smith Driving Certified" & Customer Focused

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Equipped with the Latest On Board Camera System that Integrates Directly with our ELD Computer System for Driver Performance

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Inventory Management with the latest Wireless Tank Monitoring Technology

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