Fuel Products

CFLS High Quality Fuels

CFLS High Quality Fuel Products

Colonial Fuel & Lubricant Services, Inc. (CFLS) offers a comprehensive range of fuel products and fuel management solutions throughout the Southeast.

High-Quality Fuel Products

As a position holder of petroleum products, our supply options include directly owned fuels as well as those of third party suppliers with whom we have longstanding relationships. CFLS aggressively and successfully negotiates the very best price, so our customers pay less for high-quality fuel. We can offer our customers the highest quality gasoline, diesel, kerosene, marine grade fuel as well as fuel additives and maintenance products.

Contact our CFLS Sales Team to learn more about our high-quality products, custom blends, and equipment.


Marine Gas Oil (MGO)

Clear ULSD #2

Dyed ULSD #2

Clear Biodiesel

Dyed Biodiesel

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)


87 Octane

89 Octane

89 Marine Grade (no ethanol)

93 Octane


Clear K-1

Dyed K-1


Power Service Products

Valvtect Products


(IFO) Ship Bunkering

CFLS is the Distributor for the Following Brands: