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On-Site Fuel Delivery
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CFLS is a reliable partner. Our distinctive “Soaring Eagle” fuel service delivers the highest quality fuels on schedule to have your fleet and equipment properly fueled and ready to work, whether you are operating from one or multiple sites throughout the U.S. Southeast.

Our “Soaring Eagle” growing team of drivers are professionals who are both state and federally licensed, as well as highly-trained in the latest transportation, safety and hazmat procedures.

What fuels us is simple: Our commitment to providing excellent service every single day!


A meter, calibrated annually by the U.S. Department of Agriculture: Weights & Measures, records all bulk fuel and bulk lubricants dispensed by CFLS. The meter stamps a ticket with the total gallons pumped for a customer. We then enter the ticket into our accounting system for billing.

CFLS Advantage

Safety First Culture


Professional Drivers
Highly Trained, State & Federally Licensed

Serves Southeastern U.S.

Accurate Recording & Billing

Real-Time Control of Fleet Fuel Usage

24/7 Deliveries

Inventory Management via SMARTank Remote, Wireless Tank Monitoring

Tanks & Equipment

Exceptional Storage Capacity

Finest Quality Testing Available

Emergency Response