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Single Source, Integrated Bulk Fuel Delivery Services

Colonial Fuel bulk fuel delivery

Colonial Fuel and Lubricant Services, Inc. (CFLS) provides the safest, most comprehensive and responsive bulk fuel delivery services and solutions available, 24/7 at highly competitive rates.

Buying Power

As a position holder of petroleum products, our supply options include directly owned fuels as well as those of third party suppliers with whom we have longstanding relationships. CFLS aggressively and successfully negotiates the very best price, so our customers pay less for high-quality fuel.

Exceptional Service

We operate a modern fleet of bobtails and tankwagons. CFLS drivers are highly trained in the latest transportation and safety procedures. We offer a complete inventory of fuel tanks and containments in various sizes and capacities, as well as pumps with corresponding control systems. Our tanks are equipped with a remote, wireless tank monitoring system that lets us maintain and manage your fuel inventories based upon your fuel usage in real time.

Value Added

Our marine terminal facilities provide state-of-the-art storage options in strategic locations, which allow us to provide our customers with consistent, as well as competitive pricing during market fluctuations. Our products are subjected to rigorous testing to ensure they meet our high-quality standards.

CFLS Advantage

Safety First Culture

Comprehensive Bulk Delivery Services

Unrivaled Buying Power

Aggressively Negotiate for Best Price

Modern Fleet of Bobtails and Tankwagons

Professional Drivers Who Are Highly Trained & Customer Focused

24/7 Deliveries

Inventory Management via SMARTANK Remote, Wireless Tank Monitoring

Tanks & Equipment

Exceptional Storage Capacity

Finest Quality Testing Available

Emergency Response